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Capitalism With a Heart

Imagine arriving at an intersection where making a profit and making a difference meet. The journey from there is an adventure in doing business with a higher purpose for a new breed of business leaders eager to forge a future with hope for the unemployed and at risk populations around the world. There is a revolutionary transformation and motivation when business people discover that they are valued and see their role as strategic.

The convergence of business leaders accepting the challenge is exploding. Connecting doing business for a profit with doing well while doing good is coming alive. This new cadre of business leaders are believers with integrity who are motivated out of a love for God and a compassion for the unemployed people. They are strategically deployed where need and opportunity intersect and they are making a world of difference.

There is a revolutionary transformation and motivation when business people discover that they are valued and see their free enterprise market driven solutions are creating sustainable jobs, dignity and hope..

One example combines the training of previously exploited poor Asian farmers in partnership with a university, an agriculture specialist coupled with a link chain of businesses that range from a large international marketing company for organic agricultural products to small to medium scale packaging and transportation businesses that take their produce to bigger, better markets and margins with guaranteed purchase contracts and provision of micro-finance loans, insurance and best practices training. Everyone wins in this linked chain and with fair prices and wages and without exploitation. This is the kind of new order for doing business with integrity and a higher purpose of doing good while doing well. The poor have in this business model the opportunity to move from mere survival to thrive and have the dignity of supporting themselves, solving their own problems and providing a future with hope for their own families.

Business development has not been viewed historically by the faith community as an important ministry activity. As a result it has not fully seen the marketplace as a place for transforming families, villages, cities and nations.The forgotten values of justice and fairness,Truth, and a code of ethical principles and best practices are being restored to serve as governors against greed, graft and exploitation. Few multinational corporations have made this connection and their exploitive image is suffering because they have not learned the art of how they can profit from doing well while doing good at the same time. Multinationals may yet connect the dots beyond the short-sighted next quarter profit driven view to the longer but even more profitable view that comes in valuing and growing a new customer base for their own corporate future and restored image.

Proven business leaders are multiplying business partnerships, equipping business entrepreneurs to leverage their business resources and harness their talent and treasure for job creation. Global unemployment and the associated unrest provide the teachable moment to show a better way to optimize business development that can enhance learning and provide sustainable jobs for at-risk unemployed families.

The connection key is equipping, deploying and coaching business people and developing partnerships of integrity that teach others to teach others to do the same. To help people to help themselves to develop their full God-given potential is stewardship at its best. Making a profit and making a difference is happening and we should settle for nothing less. This kind of capitalism with a heart can be very profitable and turn protesters into productive citizens.

Does Your Home Business Need an Extreme Make Over?

Getting an extreme makeover for your work at home business opportunity involves identifying
the basic problems that you encounter with the lack of profits from your home
business. The primary business problem for work at home owners is usually
income. An in depth look at the income derived from your business versus your expenses
is the first step in fixing the problem.

Most work from home business owners have not established a budget for their home business.
This is a big mistake. There are some basic expenses that have to be calculated.
There is also a spending cap that has to be put in place.

Avoid purchasing any traffic packages, joining any more sites of adding
additional sites to your business until you have a firm
grasp on how much money you are presently spending per month on your present site.

After you calculate your expenses versus profits, you may be delighted to discover that you are
actually making a profit. Unfortunately, if this exercise was necessary to determine profit,
the profit may be too small to affect your lifestyle. Then the issue is that
your profit is insufficient. The question becomes what can you do to increase profit?

Most Internet business consultants would advise you to do more of what you are already doing
to increase your profit. If you have one AdSense site, then you may need to
increase that to 10 sites to increase your bottom line.

If you only have 300 subscribers to your monthly newsletter, you may want to implement a strategy
to increase your subscriber base by giving away something unique and different.

Maybe you need to use a squeeze page to increase your subscribers. Completing
an extreme makeover for your home based business means you have to evaluate
every action that you take from the top down and then back up again.

Are you spending enough for advertising. What advertising method is bringing you
the most profit? To determine this number, you must be involved in some tracking and
testing your advertisements.

Strategic planning is as important for a home based business as it is for a Fortune 500 company.
Actually, planning is more important in your home based business because you fill all the
positions initially.

In some cases this makes the decision making process easier but increases
your work load. There are no departmental meetings to endure. You do not have to
listen to the constant managerial droning.

Even so, a departmental meeting is always going on inside your head. What is the next stage
in the evolution of the business? How can you increase revenue? What is the five year plan
for the business?

The good news is that only you can answer these questions. The bad news is only you can answer these questions. If you are looking at your business profit and loss statement and decide you need an extreme home business makeover, start analyzing the business like you are a forensic accountant to find out how to plug the holes in your finances.

Internet Marketing Strategies: What Differentiates You?

It is hardly surprising that the popularity of online marketing has exploded over recent years. With its promises of riches using the push of automated money generation software, online marketing and advertising has attracted a high percentage of chance takers… those that happen to be unwilling to put in too much effort (if any) in to turn their business into a strategic and sustainable enterprise.

Building a successful, profitable and sustainable on-line company is not as simple as what the online guru’s may well promise you. But, if you get it right, and are willing to be strategic, re-educate yourself and persevere, internet marketing and advertising has opened up new possibilities for alternative earning streams that may possibly surpass your income from your regular job.

… and that my friend is an incredible thought!

So Why Do A Lot of People Fail to Make the Grade On the Internet?

Long gone are the days where you could go and put any old garbage on the internet and instantly get sales. It’s not that simple as that any more (unfortunately). It needs a whole lot more from you. You’ll need to differentiate you and your company.

Most importantly for any online entity to become profitable, you’ll need to treat it like a real small business. This is exactly where most of the people fail. They have been sold the story of instant internet riches and are repelled by the thought of having to apply sound business principles to their new online hobby.

Listen, online wealth will not occur over night. Yes, I’m confident you’ve read the instant success online stories, but these are by far the exception rather than the norm.

Instead, you’ll need to apply (what Rich Schefren calls) uncommon sense principles to your internet enterprise; they are ‘uncommon’ because few individuals actually follow them. As a consequence, they fail, get frustrated, and say this entire ‘guru’ thing is just a scam.

… so instead of giving up at this point, I’ve got some internet business basic principles for you that I hope you take away and apply immediately.

Basic Internet Marketing and Advertising Strategies

What Do You Actually Want Your Business To Deliver
Is it just a hobby, or maybe it’s your goal to quit your day job and become the next big-time online guru. If so, please set the necessary expectations. Develop a clear vision for what you want your enterprise to become. Will you be doing it all by yourself (massive error in judgement) or will you be leveraging an outsourcing model. If you are currently a full-time employee, when, and how, will you be able to appropriately train yourself and create the contents and the products that are required for your business? These are just a couple of potential hurdles that you simply need to have to face up to in advance of you making a decision that this vital for both you and your family.

Select a Niche that is Profitable and Aligned to your Strengths and Passion.
There are 3 components to this. Let’s begin with your strengths. Irrespective of what business you plan to be in, you’ll need to clearly know what your strengths are and then know how to exploit them. Your strengths are what you do superior to anyone else (very profound). You should delegate everything else to someone else in your team. Now let’s turn to what you’re passionate about. Your passionate is what you love to do – it’s something you would do 24/7 without getting paid for. You do it because it’s fun. Remember that there is no dress rehearsal in life, so you’re better off spending it doing something you are truly passionate about. A subject you appreciate doing all day, each and every day. Because you are passionate about it, you’ll be doing great work. Your customer will benefit from this in the finished solution you sell. Finally, let me concentrate on your profitable and hopefully lucrative niche. Let’s keep it fairly basic. Your company needs to sell products or services that must be profitable for you to survive and grow. On the web, it’s easy to find out which niches are profitable, e.g. online marketing and advertising, fat loss, etc. It is essential, therefore, to not only decide and nurture your strengths and pursue your passion, but you must also choose a niche which is profitable.

Develop a Product Solution for your Chosen Niche.
Many people outsource the entire product creation process. While it is imperative that you leverage outsourcing talent to create particular components of the creation process, I whole heartedly believe in authoring my own material – 100%. That to me is what creates the added value for the customer. It’s what my customers want – not some garbage e-book report that has been outsourced and that I, myself, do not really care about. I am passionate about the topics that I write and speak about. I want that very same passion to come across in my products.

Create a Simple Internet Site, Including a Landing page, Sales Page and Some Real Content.
This really is the techie stuff. Many people enjoy it, many people hate it. If you’re in the latter camp, don’t be concerned. Your site is only a vehicle or medium for you to market your business. There are uncomplicated tools available such as WordPress and Optimize Press that make the whole damn procedure a whole lot bunch easier. And if you’re genuinely struggling, just outsource the entire process. It is uncomplicated and your lack of technical skills should never ever be used as an excuse for not making it!

Write a 100% Free Report (Your Money Magnet) of Incredible Value.
Your visitors need a good reason to come to your website and become a lead on your subscriber list (but more on that later). There are plenty of methods to create a ‘money magnet’ – one of my favorites is to write a cool report that you simply give away on your website in exchange for their e-mail address. Now for them to give their e-mail address, your freebie reports need to be….. simply exceptional. There’s no point in giving out garbage. If you do, these leads won’t stay leads for any length of time. They are going to be searching elsewhere to find their answers. There are no short cuts here – provide something of unbelievable value.

Use Good Marketing to Create Traffic for your New Website and Create a List.
Internet guru Rich Schefren says this repeatedly, I believe the original quote was from Peter Drucker. Here’s what he says about marketing…. “marketing makes selling superfluous”. That’s incredibly effective. What it is fundamentally saying is the fact that if you nail your advertising and marketing, the entire sales funnel takes care of itself. So great marketing is about optimizing every single aspect of the way you communicate with your leads which includes, your individual brand (are you a respected authority), pay per click ads, your weblog posts, your videos, your emails and newsletters, your reports, etc. Getting your marketing right takes time, education and also expertise. This is one thing you won’t get quite right immediately, but once you do, you will have prospective buyers banging your door down.

Develop a Responsive List.
You have, in all probability, heard this one several times already, but in online circles, there’s one phrase repeated again and again…. “the money is in the list”. It literally is, and this business model has been replicated repeatedly online. Your list is your e-mail list – those people who have come to your internet site and provided their e-mail address in return for something you give them of excellent value at no cost (e.g. report, video, etc.). When you’ve got their e-mail address, it is time to develop a relationship with them using an automated email sequence (typically known as an autoresponder, e.g. AWeber). You need to provide them high quality emails that deliver much more value (than the original report you sent them) that drives clicks back to your site. The ultimate purpose is usually to generate that elusive sail. It typically takes about 7-8 interactions between the seller and the lead before the lead bites the bullet and purchases – can you see the power in the autoresponder now?

Make Back End Items to Improve Average Dollar per Customer.
When a lead has bought one item from you, they are (naturally) a paying customer. So long as your product is of high value, then they are very likely to purchase from you once again. Most of the online gurus have what’s known as ‘back-end products’ that allow incremental sales over and above the initial purchase. Think Amazon and you will know exactly what I mean. It is the very best method to raise the average consumer value (i.e. how much on average any one of your customers spends).

The whole ‘online thing’ can appear somewhat daunting at initially glance. And let me be clear, to be an online marketing success is far from straightforward. But the beauty of generating an online business model is the fact that it requires minimal investment. It has created a level playing field. It is possible to get a basic website generated for your needs for less than $100!

I’m going to leave you with one final piece of advice. It is the one factor that actually got me thinking appropriately about what I was attempting to achieve on-line. It is from Rich Schefren (again) from Strategic Profits and is taken from his classic Internet Business Manifesto report.

If you are an opportunity seeker, you are destined to fail online. Forget the bright shiny buttons and automated cash generation push button software.

Today’s Franchises

Franchising has been around for over a Century. Franchising helped manufacturers distribute their products throughout a region. Franchising has come along way, and the popularity in the last 50 years has exploded. What are today’s franchises? What products are selling?

Albert Singer developed a sewing machine. He made use of “franchising as a way to distribute his machines over a larger market. His market began back in 1851. He also has been recognized as using franchise documents.

We certainly have heard of well-known franchises such as: Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1930, Dunkin Donuts in 1950, Burger King in 1954, and McDonald’s in 1955.

It is interesting to note that all of the above concepts are still around. Certainly they have changed somewhat, but the strength of franchising cannot be denied. Within the next few years, Franchising will be attributed to 50% of all retail sales. In some markets franchises account for much more!

What are today’s franchises? With the advent of the internet, there are great franchises that specialize in internet transactions, training and website development. We have grown and learned from some of the earlier food franchises and developed organic burgers, low fat cooking and quick service.

In my opinion, the best type of franchises today is the franchises that offer intangible products or “green” products. Our consumers are educated in such a way that hard goods profit margins have been cut substantially. In the early years, Car makers could command 100% profits, but with competition, the internet and other factors, the margins have slimmed way down. I believe this is true in most hard goods.

What are some of the intangible products and or franchises that do offer a today’s product and profit margins?

1. Mold mitigation. Every Building or home has some types of mold. This can come from shoes, open doors, leaks and other. Mother Nature is in charge, and mold can affect our health and value of our home or building. A strong argument that Mold Mitigation would be a great franchise opportunity. It is Green Too! Profit margins up to 55%

2. Solar Power. There are rebates from most utility companies and the federal government that makes solar affordable. You can have your own solar power plant on your roof. Commercial or Residential applications available. Profit margins up to 50%

3. Cost Management Consulting. I like this business the best. There are business opportunities today, that offer a cost analysis for businesses in the areas of the lease, property taxes, Master card and visa services, workman’s compensation insurance, and others. You can learn the business and act as a marketer of the services. Fantastic profit margins and low initial investment make this concept a winner. Profit margins up to 75%

4. Training. If you have training or entrepreneurial experience, you may consider investing in a training franchise. There are many to choose from and you can do your part in helping others succeed in Business. Profit margins up to 45%

5. Drug Testing. Many employers do random drug testing as a safety precaution and benefit to their employees. My favorite franchise for this model is a mobile concept. Low investment, and excellent profit margins, in an industry that is today and growing. Profit margins up to 50%

In conclusion: When looking at today’s Franchises, consider the market, the trends and growth patterns associated with the product. I believe the best way to find out about today’s franchises is to seek professional advice. Starting with a Franchise Broker can afford you a look at many choices. You can receive unbiased opinions and get the best chance of being awarded a franchise or business of your choice. Contact me and let’s discuss all the options. With dozens of choices, we are sure to find one that matches your interests.

7 More Items For Your Internet Home Based Business Check List

1. Your Internet Home Based Business Must, Above All, be
And it should be manageable on a part-time or
a full-time basis at your choosing. It’s your life; and
by deciding to work from home you’ve made a conscious
decision to finally take charge of your own destiny.

2. Your Work From Home Business Must be Accessible From
Wherever You Are:
 It must also be available to anybody
world-wide and from any location world-wide. As long as
you have access to a computer and an internet connection
you should be able to”operate” your work from home business.

3. Any Home Based Business Opportunity Should Do
“exactly what it says on the tin”
 and come with a written
performance money-back guarantee – For example… My own
Home Base Business Ideas is backed by my unique lifetime
money back guarantee: If you don’t make a profit; you
don’t pay us as much as one cent!

There are enough scams out
there so pay particular attention to any claims that are
made to entice you to take up a particular offer

Remember; if it sounds too good to be true (and they’re
asking for lots of money up front), then it probably is
too good to be true.

4. Be Careful What You Get Involved With: Preferably,
your chosen home based business should not be “multi-level
marketing” (MLM) under any circumstances and should
not rely on you recruiting others to meet or maintain
your objectives. i’m certain some people do make
considerable amounts of money out of MLM but it does seem
that you need to get in very early to stand a chance of

5. Any Home Based Business Opportunity Should Be As
Simple To Operate As Possible:
 it should literally be
available to “everyman” with no formal educational
qualifications needed and requiring as little as possible
training and book learning.

6. Little Or No Competition: Hey; you’re just starting
out so why jump into a pool full of big sharks who’ll just
as well gobble you up whilst you’re still learning to swim.
By preference, any work from home business opportunity should
not suffer from excessive competition, in fact no
competition at all would be ideal.

7. Should be workable at a time of day of your choosing 
with no fixed office hours, and workable on vacation
if you so choose

What do you think?

That’s the second seven essential criteria (in this short series)
that you may wish to consider before starting out in your
own home based business. If you are serious about a
work from home future then be even more serious about your

Time spent now will be money and time saved in the future.

The internet is “Scam Central” and you really must
check out everything and everybody before parting with your
hard earned money.

Does Your Home Based Business Opportunity Suck? You Don’t Have To Suffer Anymore

The evolution of the internet has opened up a great opportunity for people to work from home. Now available to home based entrepreneurs are the same tools for communications, accounting and marketing as are employed by multi-national competitors.

Home-based businesses usually start out with only one person in the business and about 70 percent of all home based businesses are still in operation after two years.

According to the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, 52% of all small businesses are home-based and 79,000,000 (yes million) Americans plan to start their own businesses in the next 3 to 5 years. More people are starting home-based and micro businesses than ever before.

Starting out as a home based business offers some special benefits to entrepreneurs. Home based businesses are preferred by entrepreneurs because they require the least amount of capital. Starting a moonlight business (without quitting your job) has the powerful advantage of not burning your bridges of income and benefits provided by your job. If your business doesn’t work out, your job provides a fall-back to income and benefits. The benefits of operating a successful home based business are so enormous.

A home-based business offers plenty of lifestyle-related advantages, but it also benefits from some great tax write-off possibilities. Millions around the world are beginning to see the benefits of working at home. Working in your own home business offers many benefits.

Whether you are looking to change your current financial status or set your future, a home based business is one of the best and most cost effective ways to make money and potentially make you big money.

Although these are all indisputably strong benefits of starting a home based business, the greatest benefits to you is that learn and earn money on the web from the comfort of your own home. But the benefits of a home based business will far out weigh any 9 to 5 job or brick and mortar business.

Furthermore, the knowledge you gain from making money on the net means that your retirement options are so much better as you can retire at any age you wish once your internet base income stabilizes.

Most legitimate home based businesses do not promise instant wealth, but may offer a steady income stream that can increase over time, at a rate that should be higher than any raise you could expect from your 9 to 5 dead-end job.

Picking the right home based business is the single most important decision you will make. For individuals who are retired, launching a home based business is a perfect way to generate a supplemental income while having fun and exploring areas of interest, all at the same time.

A home based business is just like any other business except it allows the owner(s) to work at home some or all of the time and — generally speaking, they cost less to start because of greatly reduced overhead. Having a profitable home based business is certainly not out of the reach of anyone.

Teaching Young Entrepreneurs – A Parent Child Partnership

Young entrepreneurs have the ability to learn and practice basic small business principles at home. More often than not, the resources needed to support a youth business venture are available within most households. Utilizing the supportive network of parents, extended family members, neighbors and friends, a youth entrepreneur can start a business without leaving home.

The active participation of a parent is the key to the success of a youth enterprise. The role of the parent is to serve as an active partner and business advisor.

Here are a few suggestions for designing your own entrepreneurship curriculum to get started with your fledging entrepreneur.

The first step is to identify a business opportunity. Nothing happens in the marketplace until someone needs a service or a product. Your youngster can be taught how to survey families in the neighborhood about their wants and needs. Many adults are basically lazy and desire someone to help them with boring, labor intensive tasks around the house. And we know that younger customers tend to be product oriented and are motivated to purchase mostly novelty items.

Next, analyze the results of the survey together. In the evaluation of business ideas, it is important to consider the skills required to operate a particular enterprise and amount of money needed for startup.

Creating a realistic sales and marketing plan can make or break the new business. Make sure good sales prospects – family, friends, classmates, teachers are initially targets as customers. Early success in sales increases your young entrepreneur’s motivation to continue. A couple of dollars in the pocket early makes this new partnership a real business. Don’t be surprise if more questions are asked about topics related business expansion and profit potential.

Starting a New Business You Can Enjoy

Formula for a Successful Business Start-up

It should be obvious that, to be successful, a business should have a viable market. This, of course, can require the help of online market research companies prior to the organization and startup of the business. Every bit as important, however, especially in the case of a solo proprietorship or a ‘ma and pa’ enterprise, is that you have a personal feel for the activity. The more enjoyable operating the business is the more easily you can overcome the many speed bumps that always appear.

Finding Your Personal Niche

We call this ‘finding your personal niche’. The following fifteen questions will help determine if being in business is the right thing for you and, if so, what kind of business, directed to what market, would be most successful for you. This is a decision that you, alone, must make, – but to help ensure you make a good decision, you must objectively review your qualifications, attitude and drive for being a small business owner.

1. Are you a self-starter or do you require a lot of prodding?
2. Are you a good organizer?
3. Are you easily able to get most people to go along when you start something?
4. What is your biggest goal over the next 30, 60, 90, 120 days – a year or lifetime? (Personal goals usually vary with the time frame and can be critical to the success of a small business.)
5. What gives you the greatest joy in life?
6. Do you admire and respect any successful business personalities and, if so, whom and why?
7. If you decide to do something do you pursue it regardless of the obstacles?
8. Do you always seem to find the energy required even after an especially tiring day?
9. Do you have an income goal? Have you tied this goal to a specific time frame? (It can take up to two years for many businesses to become significantly profitable).
10. Do you have special, perhaps unique, talents or training you received in the military related to your intended product or service?
11. Are you ready to get started as soon as plans can be formulated?
12. Are you able – and willing – to devote 50, 60, perhaps 80 hours a week to this business?
13. If your spouse, partner or sibling is to be involved with you, how many hours per week is he/she able – and willing – to devote to this business?
14. Do you find that you rarely get sick though others around you do?
15. I being in business for yourself your passion or an economic expediency?

If You Have a Partner

If your spouse, ‘partner’ or sibling is to be directly involved, these questions should also be answered by him/her. Preferably, the questions should be studied and answered individually without collaboration between the two of you. Each of you should write down the answers, review and study them and the implications of each question and associated answer. Being a small business owner is a great challenge and can cause many hardships on the way to success. Many feel that the challenges are well worth it and, certainly, overcoming them successfully is destined to help make a better and more capable person of you.

Before You Act, Think It Through

Again, it must be stressed, if you are really serious about starting your own business, you should take whatever time is necessary to deliberate very carefully about the answers to the above questions. It usually takes a lot of time and thought – and rethinking – before you can feel sure that you have the best answers. You must be honest with yourself because the success of your future business is very dependent upon it.

How To Start Your Internet Home Business For Less Than 50 Dollars

Starting up an internet home business is by far the cheapest and quickest of all businesses.
To help you get started the right way, here are some tips for getting your internet business, and making a profit in 30 days with less than $50.

1. Choose A Product People Want To Buy

On the internet you can find hundreds of product or services to sell.

You can sell your own product by creating your own, or purchasing resale rights or being an affiliate with a good internet company. Don’t put your personal gains first. Make sure that the product will deliver what it promises. When you promote a product that leaves the buyer dissatisfied, you’ ll only be ruining your business. So sell solutions and the money will come.

2. Choose a Domain Name and Web hosting Account.

Domain name are getting cheaper and cheaper. Nowadays you can get a domain name for as low as $4.95. With DotEasy you get free Web hosting when purchasing a domain name.It will provide you with everything you need to get started.

Choose a great domain name, preferably descriptive of your product or service.

Cost: $25 a year. Thats only $2 per month.

3. Building Your Business Website In A Snap

If you do not have Dreamweaver or Frontpage or a similar web design software package, the best option would be to download a free HTML Editor from the internet by doing a search for free HTML editor.

A very good WYSIWYG web page editing is NVU

Nvu is a complete Web Authoring System that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page editing capabilities found in Microsoft Front Page, Macromedia Dreamweaver and other high end programs.

You can try it out at NVU

4. Merchant Account

If you’re going to sell your product online, you need to be able to accept payment for it. A good service is from 2checkout. With them you simply enter your products or services into their product database and add the buttons or links that are automatically created for you to your site.

When buyers click on the links to pay, 2CO handles the sale in a secure environment, contracts with you as the supplier to fulfill the sale, and deposits payment for the sale into your account. It’s just that easy! There is a one time only set up fee of $49.00. After that, you only pay for sales. If you, sell nothing, you pay nothing. 2CO collects a 5.5% commission on each transaction plus a $0.45 charge per sale. There are no leases, no monthly fees, no application fees, no gateway fees, no additional card company or third party charges and no statement fees!

That’s it, you are up and running right now. Can you believe it you have your own internet business for less than $50 !

Two Business Ideas You Can Start and Develop From Home

People tend to think that a home business can only revolve around things like selling on eBay or taking surveys online.

However, the fact is that there is more to a home business than e-tail or money for surveys, because indeed, anything you can start, run and execute from your PC can qualify as a home business.

Below I will mention just a few of the many options you can find to make money from home without having to run a store (which means taking care of costumers, shipping, returns, etc.) or dedicate countless hours to taking surveys for pennies.

1.- Internet of affiliate marketing

Within this business model, all you have to do is promote products that are in demand. You do this by researching the market (there are very simple methods you can learn in order to do this) and the tapping into the several traffic generation techniques available.

The equation is simple, product in demand + traffic = sales and profits. Of course this is the very basic concept, but the bottom line is that it is rather simple both to understand and execute. This business is a great option for several reasons:

a – You require little to no money in order to start with all you need.

b – You do not require special skills or previous internet background.

c – Although it takes time and effort on your part, it will definitely demand a lot less than any other of the more traditional business models, including e-tail

d – This business has nearly zero expenses and you can grow as big as you want without the need for employees or location. You can truly make a lot of money within this business.

2. – Forex Trading Online

This busines can be very profitable but, a word of caution:

Forex trading is a business of risk and you will only be successful at it if you know how to manage your risk or at least you have good trading tools to help you do that.

Forex trading involves buying and selling currency for a profit. In order to do this you need to have a broker and a trading platform you can use from your PC. This will enable you to trade the forex markets at home or wherever have access to the internet.

The great thing about forex trading is that you can start with a small investment and small lots (this defines the value you assign to each pip) so you do not hurt your equity, and take advantage of the compounding effect to grow your investment fast.

However, the place to start should always be a forex demo account, where you can trade with paper or fake money, and no matter what trading tool you choose to assist you with your trading, always test it for several weeks before you commit real money.

Affiliate Marketing – Make Big Bucks Through Your Internet Home Business

Affiliate marketing has become a booming industry thanks to the increasing popularity of the internet. Marketing is defined as the getting and keeping of customers. You must have customers to sell your service or product.

In order to increase your profits, you must turn your customers into repeat customers. Affiliate programs are an excellent way to increase traffic to your web site and increase your profits.

The benefits of affiliate marketing include the potential of automating the advertising process and immediate payments from customers, including the revenue shared between affiliates. Affiliate marketing has made it possible for millions of people to successfully operate their own home business.

Affiliate marketing gives you an effective and powerful network. You can effectively drive paying customers to your web site with a network of affiliate sites that have a direct incentive in helping you sell your product or service.

Internet home business owners are making millions each year due to the increasing popularity of affiliate marketing programs. Partners in affiliate programs not only have the incentive to drive traffic to your web site, but also have good reason to sign on new affiliate partners.

Affiliate programs give you risk-free advertising and you pay only a percentage of your total sales after you receive the money.

Compared to traditional advertising methods, affiliate programs are highly effective and cost efficient. A smart marketing strategy and effective sales techniques earn affiliate marketers large sums of money with little effort.

Every time a customer sees your banner on a partner’s web site, you advertise your service or product. Each time you make a sale to a customer who clicked on your banner, your affiliate partner also makes money.

When your affiliate partners get paid through the use of your banner, they have a great incentive to keep your banner on their web site. You can operate a highly successful internet home business with the help of a large network of affiliate partners.

The benefits of affiliate marketing not only include inexpensive advertising, but increased profits for all involved.

No matter what product or service you sell, developing a support system is critical to the success of your internet home business. Starting an affiliate program is one of the perfect vehicles to attract customers to your web site. There is virtually no risk involved in affiliate marketing. No upfront costs and little effort make running an affiliate program very attractive.

The benefits of operating an internet home business include enormous profit potential, easy access to highly successful affiliate programs, and an effective means of advertising your service or product. Through the use of the internet, home business owners can now advertise cheaply and efficiently.

Affiliate programs are one the best ways to draw traffic to your web site. Offering a quality product and excellent customer service will keep customers returning to your web site again and again.

As an affiliate you should know that there are numerous successful affiliate programs out there. So when you are looking to join an affiliate program; choosing the ones you wish to be affiliated with is a simple process.

Make sure to read testimonials from current partners and do a little research on any program you are considering. Wise choices and effective advertising can make your internet home business more successful than you ever imagined.

8 Ways To Take Your Small Business To The Next Level

Now that you have built a successful business, you have an established customer base and you are fairly well known in your geographical area, your industry or both, what do you do to stay ahead of your competition? You might want to consider the following tips to help you to expand your business and take it to the next level.

The following are 8 tips to help you increase the size of your business and take it to the next level.

1. Open another location.

Either open another location or move into an office space if you are currently working from a home office. This may not be the best choice for expansion; however, it is the first thing business owners often do. If you are thinking of doing this, be sure you are maintaining a consistent bottom-line profit and that you have shown steady growth over the past few years. You also want to ensure your infrastructure, staff and your systems can accommodate the growth. Finally, research the demand of taking this next step and how it will affect your decision.

2. Expand your product or service lines to compliment the ones you currently have.

This will allow you to offer more selection and it makes your products and services more appealing to your customer base. However, first, you need to conduct market research to determine which products and/or services are in demand, which would be profitable for you, and which would be affordable to your customers.

3. Find ways to increase repeat business for your current customers.

This is a lot less expensive than locating new customers. Initiate reorder cards that you can send out to remind customers to reorder products and/or services when you want them to, not just when they remember to do so. Contact them more often with a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter via email or mail to ensure the customer is keeping you on the top of their minds for additional sales.

Consider developing volume sales discounts, monthly rates, or other discounts to entice them to purchase more at a time or for a longer period of time than instead of just a single sale. If you can, try to get your customer to contract with your business, if your business is set up to do so.

4. Update your Website or develop a new one if you do not have one.

Be sure to add monthly specials, discounts and/or promotions on your site – especially on the home page to attract attention. Ensure individuals/businesses visiting your site sign up in order to qualify to win a drawing or receive a discount, so that you can add them to your database. You can also add products and/or services to sell online. If done correctly, this adds sales and reduces the time necessary to locate these sales. These are typically bonus sales above and beyond anything you would normally sell since they are from a different ‘group’ of people.

5. Target other markets.

Only do this if you have already saturated your primary target market. For example, if you sell to teens, consider beginning marketing your product and/or service to college students.

6. Turn your business into a franchise or franchise opportunity.

You will need to ensure you have developed all your operating systems needed in order to make your business a smooth-running machine first, however. You can network within the franchise industry.

7. Add a partner or merge with another existing complimentary business.

With the right agreement and business plan, taking this step can be beneficial to both parties involved. Be sure to hire a reputable attorney to review all the paperwork and look out for your best interests.

8. Go global.

Find alternate ways to market yourself globally if you do not already do so. Consider ways to tweak your business in order to offer your business and/or services to consumers outside your current area. Have you considered teleseminars, Webinars, shopping cart Websites, or search engines?

Stop – Discover How To Make Your Home Based Business Profitable?

To succeed online you must offer products or services that appeal to a broad audience.

By far the most sell-able product online today is information. We all pay for specialized information every day. We read magazines with stories that appeal to us. We buy maps that show us where to go.

Other products that sell well are health related products, advertising, consulting services, and books.

No matter what product you choose to promote, be sure that your audience is large enough to help you succeed.

===> The Right Tools For The Job

The GREAT thing about the Internet is that there are tools to help you succeed.

The key to succeeding online is taking advantage of AUTOMATION. What I mean by that is that you must use tools that help you sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tools like autoresponders, personal voice mail, conference call lines, and more can help you make sales whether you are online or not.

THIS is the power of the Internet! Using the right tools, your site can be a 24 hour a day cash generating machine, even if you are getting your nails done or playing a round of golf!

===> Specific Knowledge

The BEST advice I can give you about succeeding online is this. Do NOT reinvent the wheel!

There is simply no reason for you to have to learn everything you will need to know the hard way. Because of the “always on” nature of the Internet, you can attend seminars, read commonly asked questions, and get real training any time you want.

Add to this the ability to attend live workshops without leaving your home, and you have a win-win situation!

To succeed online you will need to know how to get visitors to your site, get them to sign up for your offer, overcome their objections and more.

In the old days, it would have taken months to learn these skills. Thanks to the power of technology, you can learn them beginning today!

===> A Mentor To Guide You

You need a mentor. Did you know that Tiger Woods, the most successful golfer in the history of the game, has FIVE coaches! Top performers in music, film, business all use coaches, or as we call them today, “mentors”.

Now YOU can have a mentor too.

The ** great ** news here is that the Internet makes it oh so easy to find and work with a mentor. The key here is to find someone who is succeeding online now, and learn how they do what they do. You’ll want to be able to ask specific questions, have access to their store of knowledge, and have continuing access so that you can grow.

There you have it … four simple steps to succeed online no matter what product, service, or opportunity you want to promote.

Let me leave you with two words of wisdom. First, keep your business simple and let time become your friend. When you concentrate on the basics, you just can’t help but succeed with time. Second, take action toward your dreams today. The power of consistent effort is amazing. But starting can be the hard part, and only you can choose to start.

Big Profits From “Work at Home Business Opportunities” Review Sites

Due to the increasing number of Home Based Business Scams, There is an ever increasing need for, “work at home business opportunity”, review websites. Consumers an home business seekers are getting more educated and more skeptical of the get rich quick scams that have over taken the internet in the last few years. It seems like everyone on the internet is telling you, you can be a millionaire in 30 days or less.

My advice to anyone who is looking for a legitimate work at home business opportunity is avoid these guys at all cost. If the website has a bunch of expensive cars, fancy boats and large expensive houses, turn tail and run as fast as you can. These type of websites are trying to create massive, unrealistic desire. They are not unlike snake oil salesmen. They are promising unrealistic results and will take your money and run. Very few of them last more than a year or more before closing down and then starting up with a new and even more unrealistic scam.

The truth of the matter is, there are some very legitimate ways to make money, while working from the comfort of your home. They all require work and dedication. More importantly they require knowledge and commitment. There is not any, get rich quick, in life. If you are falling for these types of programs you may as well be buying lottery tickets. Your odds of winning are just as good as, “getting rich quick”. The last time I did a search for “home business” I came up with just over 130,000,000 results. I don’t know about you but, I think that a pretty overwhelming number. This is exactly why the average person, searching for a work at home business opportunity, needs some help and guidance. Most people wanting to start their first online business don’t have a clue about what types of businesses are available to them. They need help deciding what type of business would best fit their personality.

Anyone new to internet marketing will have to make some critical decisions. There are several things you must decide when starting a home business. First you need to choose the right business model. Do you want to a website that sells physical products or would you rather sell digitally down-loadable information products? Once you have chosen your business model you will need to gain the needed education and marketing skills needed to succeed in your chosen market place. You will need a good wholesale supplier or a good source for affiliate products. And you will need some educational material to teach you how, and where to market your business

Those of use who have successfully been around internet marketing for any length of time have chosen a solid business model. We have spent time purchasing and studying educational courses and ebooks. We have taken the time to learn how to effectively market our products and services. Most importantly we have taken an honest business approach and stayed away from over hyped get rich quick scams.

Anyone who is new to internet marketing should take their time searching for their perfect “work from home business opportunity”. If you do your research, educate yourself, and stay committed, you will greatly improve your chances of success.

Making Money With Resell Rights – The Path to Serious Profit!

In this floundering economy, lots of people have been laid off, suffered pay cuts, or just can’t make ends meet with their current jobs. And it’s been harder than ever for folks to find new employment, or just meet expenses in their current situation.

If you’re among those who have been looking for a way to replace, or supplement your income, there are plenty of great opportunities to be found on the internet. Though many of which are surrounded by a great deal of hype. If you’ve been considering earning your income online, I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of incredible claims of “secret methods” or marketing “loopholes” and “shortcuts” that nobody knows about, that promise instant wealth with little or no actual effort.

While many of these systems actually do work, there’s really nothing out there that will turn your computer into a cash machine at the “push of a button”. You will have to do some actual work, and you’ll have to learn a new set of skills. But don’t worry, it’s really not that hard, or complicated.

A lot of people will tell you that affiliate marketing is the best and easiest way to make money online, but in my humble opinion, the real money is in selling a product of your own. Why settle for just a slice of the action, when you can have the whole darn pie?

Some of you are probably thinking: “But I have no idea how to create a software program, or how to go about writing an e-book! Let alone how to design a website and write a sales page!”

Well, thanks to a phenomenon known as “Resell Rights” (products that come with a license that allows you to re-sell them) selling your own product is well within the reach of regular folks (myself included) who don’t have the time, or skills to actually create a product of their own.

What’s even better is; some of these products come with “Private Label Rights” that allow you to modify the product and “re-brand” it with your own name (or company name) and claim authorship of the product!

Many also come with sales pages (mini-websites that sell the product) and promotional materials, so you don’t need to worry about designing a web page or writing sales or promotional copy. You just need to upload the sales page to your hosting service, and start driving traffic to it!

There are many high-quality products out there that come with various resell rights, but there are a lot of junk products as well. Just do a little research before you purchase a resell rights product. Make sure it’s not a crappy product that gets bad reviews. Most of all, find out if there’s a demand for it. The coolest product in the world will do you no good if no one wants it.