Profit and Loss Accounts – Accounting Basics Every Business Owner Should Know

There is absolutely no doubt that business owners, especially those with small businesses should have a firm understanding of the basics of accountancy and bookkeeping. This is not to suggest of course, that they should be able to set themselves up as accountants in their own right, or indeed that they should be attempting to take the place that should rightly be filled by an accountant in their own business, but far too many business owners totally abdicate all responsibility for their business finances and hand it all over to their accountant, without the slightest idea what he will do with it.

This state of affairs is a very dangerous way to run a business of any size; a good business owner should be able to sit down with his accountant and discuss things, and understand what he is being told. The same goes for bookkeeping; there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional to keep your books, but there is no excuse for not knowing how they are kept.

Take for instance P&L or ‘Profit and Loss’, for some business owners the very thought of looking at something that sounds so accountancy is terrifying, and yet this particular job is so incredibly simple as to be almost child’s play. It is also an incredibly important tool in business, as it allows the business owner to check how well or otherwise their business is doing.

A P&L account, although only needed on a formal basis if you are a Limited Company, in which case a full account will need to be submitted to HMRC each year to enable them to assess for Corporation Tax, is essentially, as the name suggests, a report of the profit and any losses made by your firm usually over a 12 month period. To prepare a P&L account, simply take a summary of all your business’ expenditure and sales and deduct your expenditure from your sales and you will have your profit (or loss).

If you are looking for any sort of future funding for your business, an accurate P&L will be vital, as most lenders won’t move without one, but it will also help you to know whether or not your business is moving in the right direction; making a continually loss will set alarm bells ringing.

In order to make your P&L as accurate as it should be, your records will need to be properly kept, without omissions or missing information. The figure that comes out at the end will only be as accurate as the figures you have used to produce it, so ensure that you are careful.

Like so much of the rest of the rather complex sounding business terminology P&L is actually very simple, and nothing more or less than the answer to a subtraction sum.

So, the next time that an accountant wants to talk profit and loss over tea and crumpets, tell them you’d be happy to and perhaps take a little more control over other aspects of your business’ finance; the rewards you reap may be more than simply financial.


Two Ways to Make More Business Profit With Google

You have to admit. Whether you want to or not, that in a short amount of time on the Internet that Google has made a lot of progress. They continue to come up with new ways to help marketers on the internet.

However what we want to discuss in this article are the two things that have made Google successful and continue to benefit Internet businesses.

1. The pay per click advertising program is the first thing we want to talk about. Known as Google AdWords it is just about the fastest way today to get traffic coming to your website . This is not the sort of thing you should jump into without learning more about first.

Running a pay per click advertising campaign with Google AdWords that is profitable means knowing what keywords to bid on, how much you can Pay for your bidding, and clicks per sale on your target words.

Totally grasping this concept is never achieved by many people and they end up losing money. For your business this does not have to be the case. Just start with a small campaign and add to it as it gets to be profitable or change it up if it does not.

Building a good list of keywords to bid on is quite possibly the most important thing you can do. The key to bidding low is bidding on good keywords that have less competition. There are plenty of resources online to study and help you get started in this process. This is without a doubt one of the more important points if you are on a budget.

2. Become an affiliate marketer for Google AdSense. Post their adds on your website and every time a visitor clicks on them you cash in. This is an easy way to make money.

Literally hundreds of millions of dollars every year change hands with Google AdSense websites. Today some of the most popular blogs online profit from the Google AdSense ads. You can incorporate this into any site. You can also look at some of your competitors and you will surely see that they have Google Ads on their websites right now. Google has tutorials that you can use to learn to use AdSense.

The bottom line is that the more pages you have on your website with Google AdSense on them the more likely your income will increase. The larger your site the more opportunities you have to post adds the more your chances of profit

To summarize this there is two ways Google can help your business make more money. Google AdSense and Google AdWords are proven to be profitable online and are being used successfully on Internet marketers websites today.


Tips to Make Money on eBay – Making Your Business More Profitable

If you are looking for a way to make money on eBay then you might find yourself getting a little confused. There are loads of different techniques that you can use to make money on eBay.

Making money

One of the best things about eBay is that it’s really easy to use. It’s possible for anyone to sign up to an account and start listing things that they want to sell.

If you are interested in making a small amount of money to top up your existing income then you could start by selling things that you no longer want from around your home. You will no doubt have a lot of presents and other things that you never use anymore. In this case you should spend time sorting out what you can sell.

Selling CD’s, clothes and jewellery are a great way to make some extra pounds which will be really useful during the school holidays.

Of course it’s also possible to make enough money on eBay to replace your current income. If you are interested in making a lot of money from eBay then you will have to be prepared to put in plenty of effort. There are people that have managed to do this, but it’s certainly not easy unless you have the right help and techniques.

Be organised

If you want to be a good eBay seller then the most important thing is organisation. You need to ensure that the customer has a good experience with you. The whole transaction should be seamless and very professional.

You need to dispatch orders quickly and make sure that they are packed well. If you stock a lot of items then you will find it much more difficult to organise everything, however it is still essential. Professional eBay sellers will take time to research what certain products are selling for at the moment and calculating whether or not they would make a profit.

If you want to offer an incentive for people to buy from you then you should consider offering free postage and packing. Don’t try using very low prices with high postage fees because this will be a major turn off for almost everyone.

PayPal can be used instead of sending cheques which will ensure that you get paid much quicker. This can also mean that the products can be dispatched as quickly as possible which will result in a minimal delay.

Finding Cheap Products

If you are interested in learning how to make money on eBay then you will want to make sure you increase your profit margin. Your profit margin is the amount of money that you make on top of your purchase price. You can purchase toys and clothing when they are reduced just after Christmas and then sell them for a profit on the internet. You could also buy costumes and keep them until next year.

The customer is always right

If you want to make money on eBay then you can’t ignore your customers. You must treat your customers well otherwise they won’t give you any repeat business or recommend your business to other people that they know.

If any buyer has a bad experience then they might leave negative feedback. Buyers will always look at feedback to decide whether or not they should purchase from you.

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Profitable Internet Business – Top 5 Businesses You Can Do Online

Doing business online is indeed one of the many lucrative things you can do to make money online. If you are one of those interested to find out some of these profitable internet businesses that you can engage in online, read on for some business ideas that you may want to venture into.

1. Internet marketing business

Yes, one profitable internet business that you can venture into is putting up an internet marketing business where you can get businesses and companies as clients and you offer them your online marketing services. Online marketing needs a lot of monitoring and most businesses may not have time or may lack the expertise on online marketing, thus you can actually find a lot of opportunities such as these online.

2. Starting an eBay business

Another lucrative business in venturing into the online auction site, eBay and put up your own eBay business. You can invest on your own products or buy them off in flea markets or get it from your garage. If you are familiar with eBay and auctions are not new to you, then you can also put up a profitable internet business through eBay.

3. Sell digital products

If you are skilled in making digital products such as software and downloadable eBooks, you can also make a good business online by selling these kinds of items. If you have a flair in writing and you are an expert on a specific topic, you can actually write your eBook and sell it online.

4. Go for foreign exchange

Make money as the currency value fluctuates! Indeed, the forex market can be a good venue for a lucrative business of currency exchange. However, one very important thing that you have to keep in mind is that, foreign exchange is not for everyone. The currency market can be very risky and along with the hope that you can make your money grow on forex fast, you also need to face the challenge of facing big risks that may also cause you to lost everything you have if you are not fit to be in the business.

5. Put up an online store

Of course, if you want business, set up an online store. You can sell just anything that people would most likely order online. You can go for drop shipping or put up your online store. Although putting up an online store does not require a physical building for you to set up, you may however need to have a website to start with. You also need some internet marketing techniques and strategies that will help you find your potential customers and bring them to your website as well. You also have to take care of a secured payment option so that your online customers will not be hesitant to make a purchase.

These are just five of the top profitable internet business that you can do online, but there are still other lucrative ones that you can also find, depending on what appeals to you and what you can handle when it comes to your skills as well. If you want to have a good start with your business, then do your homework and research well so you can also outsmart competition online.

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Calculating Your eBay Profits

Are you thinking about starting an eBay business? If so, you need to know how your profits and bottom line will be calculated. Many sellers who are new to eBay overlook this fact. But if you do the same, you are going to get yourself in trouble. No matter what kind of business you are running, it is your profits that matter the most. After all, if you are not making any money with your eBay business, you are going to have to make a change sooner or later. For this reason, it is very important that you know how to calculate your profits and loss.

Generally speaking, it is not difficult to understand how much money you are making when selling on eBay. There are three things that you need to take into consideration. First off, how much are your items selling for? In most cases, this will change based on how many people bid, how bad they want the item, etc.

Once an item is purchased for a particular price, you are close to calculating your profit. At this point, you need to subtract any eBay and shipping fees from the selling price. For example, if you sold an item for $50, you may be hit with eBay fees of $2 and a shipping cost of $5. In this example, your final profit would be $43. As you can see, this is a nice profit for one item. In some cases you will profit more, in other cases you will profit less.

Overall, the way that you calculate your eBay profits is very important. You need to make sure that you are doing this in an accurate manner, and with every product. This is the only way to ensure that you are earning money on the majority (if not all) of the items that you sell.

Elite Profit Network Business Opportunity Review

Elite Profit Network is a new and innovative network marketing business opportunity. The company is designed to help save customers money while at the same time maximizing the profits for their network marketing representatives through the power of their own internet business. So what does EPN offer?

Elite Profit Network was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by a team of experienced network marketers and solid business professionals with more than 30+ years of experience in the industry. This company touts it’s one and true goal; To help individuals profit in all areas of their life. For a mere $50 dollar investment an individual can start their very own home based Internet business with EPN.

Elite Profit Network has 3 business opportunities that contain quiet the offering for $50 dollars invested. The first is a storefront called the Elite Body Shapers. This product line is geared towards the fashion world with products that can literally take pounds off. Through body glove style clothing a person can look as though they lost several pounds and without dieting.

Next would be the EPN shopping mall. This mall carries a multitude of travel, telecommunications, apparel, electronics, gifts, kids, toys, movies and music. The business owner will also have the savings on many places that they already shop at currently. This will add to the appeal for others when marketing their business online and offline.

Last is the Ultimate Incentive Package. This package will become the closing pitch for anyone who is a part of EPN. The Ultimate package will contain travel vouchers to many exotic locations. This could be a great arsenal to carry into closing your sales with the Elite Profit Network, but is no guarantee.

Of course learning to market online will be a must since most of the products are geared to purchases online by the customers. Marketing online comes with a learning curve so taking any and all advantage of training for this type of marketing with Elite Profit Network would be a must. Even though this market is saturated with many similar business opportunities, EPN is a good company with a compensation plan that could help individuals create some extra needed income.

Is The Instant Profit Multiplier Good For Your Business?

Who Should Be Using Instant Profit Multiplier?

After spending quite a bit of time reviewing the materials, it became clear to that a full range and type of businesses will likely benefit from Instant Profit Multiplier. The developer, Ian McConnell, is a serial entrepreneur who has developed and tested his methodology across a variety of businesses before offering a solution that will fit for a wide range of businesses.

His proven methodology has played well for service businesses as well as manufacturing companies and everything in between.

So the bigger question becomes, why would you want to purchase or use The Instant Profit Multiplier? The answer is a simple one, besides being an affordable solution, it also is a painless one to implement.

Ian McConnell takes you through four simple areas affecting your business. These are the things that have a huge impact on your bottom line, and according to McConnell has had a turn around effect of as much as 400%. This phenomenal return bears out in the testimonials for this product along with the fact that you have a 100% money back guaranty.

Will I Need to Be a Marketing Expert to Apply the Instant Profit Multiplier?

One of the great parts about this product is that you do not have to learn to be a marketing genius to implement it. As a matter of fact you don’t have to get good at, or perhaps choose to be good at, traditional marketing in any respect. The techniques inside the instant profit multiplier encourage a novice to utilize just a few proven step-by-step outlined procedures to have the ability to develop and execute on a campaign. That campaign should actually have the potential to dramatically increase prospect flow for the business.

According to Ian McConnell, by following his formula, not only should you see a solid increase in business, but it will also let you be more efficient with your time. You will be able to take that time to invest with your family, or grow your business. The choice is yours, the important part is that you are able to have that option.

Therefore if you’re not really a fan of developing and investing in expensive flashy ads, cold calling or telemarketing to expand your organization then the straight forward steps with the instant profit multiplier should make a considerable amount of sense to you personally.

What Will I Get Along with the Instant Profit Multiplier?

One of the troubles with most systems, is that they provide you with just enough information to begin with and require you to buy something else to have the ability accomplish anything. That’s the great part of this system. The instant profit multiplier is truly a complete package. They are going to teach you how to attract a continuing and steady flow of traffic. This is based on an acquired knowledge of what customers really want to get. Add this together with the Risk Reversal Technique, and Ian will show you how he has increased sales in his businesses by as much as 400%.

His main theme is the importance and emphasis on repeat sales and the way to focus on generating those kind of sales. You can expect to discover ways to position yourself as an industry leader and authority in your own field.